Throughout the year, RI PTAC presents informative, relevant training workshops geared to all levels of industry from new clients just getting started in government contracting, to seasoned suppliers entering new facets of the government supply chain.



May 23rd – Marketing Yourself to the Government with Tribal Vision

Come to our “Marketing Yourself to the Government” workshop presented by Chris Ciunci of TribalVision.  Learn how to identify your target market and develop a marketing strategy. Identify the most practical and cost effective strategies, channels, and solutions to meet your marketing and growth objectives.

June – Date TBD – How to do business with the Naval War College

July 18th – Cost and Pricing Methods

Learn the fundamentals of cost and pricing methods for government solicitations and contracts. Understand government pricing policy and how government contracting officials evaluate price/cost proposals. Discover the definition of “fair and reasonable” pricing and how it applies to contract types. Learn how to develop a cost proposal that includes direct and indirect rates.

August 10th – Introduction to Cybersecurity

Learn the basics of cybersecurity including understanding the regulations, how to develop a cybersecurity plan and learning what is required of your business to remain compliant.

August 17th – Introduction to Government Contracting

Learn how to assess your company’s readiness for government contracting at the local, state and federal levels. We will talk about registrations, certifications, the bidding process, the differences between the commercial and government markets, and we will answer your questions.

September 14th – Basic Proposal Prep

Learn how to prepare a narrative response to a competitive Solicitation/Request for Proposal (RFP) from a Government agency. Learn to identify the important facets of a competitive Solicitation/RFP that includes pricing, statements of work, proposal requirements and evaluation criteria. Recognize the differences between “best value” and “low cost, technically acceptable” evaluations and best practices to achieve optimum results.

September 26th – DCAA Compliance

Come learn from Sherry Kobus, Small Business Program Manager DCAA, Audit Liaison Division, about DCAA accounting system requirements and regulatory criteria for establishing an adequate accounting system.

October – Date TBD – Rhode Island State Purchasing

RI PTAC, in partnership with the RI Division of Purchases, will host a session to provide information on State purchasing activities.

October – Date TBD – Socio-Economic Programs/ Mentor Protégé Program

Learn about the various socio-economic programs including small business, small disadvantaged business, historically underutilized small business zones, woman owned small business, veteran and service disabled veteran owned small business and 8a. In addition, learn about the difference between SBA’s mentor protégé program and the 8a mentor protégé program.

November 20th – GSA Schedules

GSA Schedules are used by the federal government to purchase a wide range of products and services. Learn the pros and cons of the GSA Schedule contract process and determine if it is right for your company. We will discuss each step of the GSA Schedule process including: surfing the GSA Website; finding the correct GSA Schedule solicitation; determining pricing options and correctly uploading documents.

December 7th  – Advanced Proposal Prep

Learn how to prepare a narrative response to a competitive Solicitation from a Government agency that includes multiple requirements such as: technical approach, management approach, personnel, past performance and price/cost. Recognize the interrelationship between pricing, proposal requirements and evaluation criteria. Learn how government officials evaluate best value solicitations.

January – Date TBD – Market Research

Determine whether you are better off as a prime contractor or subcontractor. How does the value of your product or service determine your sales strategy? How does your product define how you do business and compete for sales? Where is the best place to start and determine if there is opportunity for your business? Learn the answers to these questions at our workshop.

February – Date TBD – How to do business with DOT

February 7th – Opportunities in Government Subcontracting

Find out how to identify large government contractors that need your product or service. How do they find your small business; how do you find them? Learn how to successfully compete and participate as a federal government subcontractor? During this session, we will define the role of the subcontractor relationship in government contracting and identify resources and strategies for marketing as a subcontractor.
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Location: Unless stated otherwise, training is held at The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, 315 Iron Horse Way, Suite 101 (for GPS search 555 Valley Street) Providence, RI. 02908. Please check the location listed on the eCenter sign-up page for each event.

Time: Generally 2 hours beginning at 9:00 a.m.. Training sessions may vary throughout the year and are subject to change. For further information, contact or call (401) 278-9173.

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The RI PTAC is a program sponsored by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and offers assistance to businesses seeking to market goods and services to the federal, state, or local governments.  The content of any training offered by the RI PTAC is solely designed to give guidance and is not to be construed as legal advice, and does not necessarily reflect the official views of or imply endorsement by DLA.