Selling to the government or prime government contractors still depends on mastering relationships. Government buyers do business with people they know, like, and trust. Be active in industry networks and participate in Matchmaker Events and Industry Days.

A matchmaker event is a day of dialogues between suppliers and purchasing entities. Generally, numerous representatives of governmental agencies and their prime contractors will meet at designated time intervals with businesses presenting their capabilities for consideration. Being a RI PTAC client will alert you when these events are coming up and will give you access to insights on how to best present your business as a valuable vendor.

Industry Days
On a regular basis, federal agencies and their prime contractors hold events to which they invite private industry to attend a presentation of the needs and wants of that agency or prime. They often will discuss current challenges to fulfilling their needs from suppliers, their new technologies and specifications, forecasts for the next few years, and generally how to do business with that entity.